Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sending in my update

I didn't get what I wanted finished, but its the first, so I'm sending in an update anyway. The kids have taken off with my camera, so I just plugged past images into photobucket's collage maker dohickey. I think the image in the lower right says it all.

Trying to make myself feel better about what I actually have finished, I made myself a list.

1.) Fur lined muff with threadworked buttons.
2.) Zibellino with sculpted head and back feet, filigreed and jeweled muzzle and collar.
3.) Fully lined corded petticoat with felt padded cartridge pleats, hand bound eyelets and kumihimo braided lace with chape.
4.) Linen lined brocade pocket.
5.) 5 decade chaplet rosary of hand made rose petal beads with silver rose shaped gauds strung on red silk.
6.) Tassel trimmed flag fan.
7.) Wood handled feather fan.
8.) Lace trimmed handkerchief.
9.)Gold beaded hairpins
10.)Tasseled garters of wool and silk with a pattern of hearts
11.) Diamond patterned green linen stockings with gold lace trimmed welts. (Goldwork and embroidered clocks might still happen, but they are wearable if plainer than planned.)
12.) Pleated linen apron with lace insertions and trim.

I started to list the projects still to accomplish, but I'm going to walk away from that for a while. Instead, I'm going to rejoice in the fact that I have 2 layers technically complete of the 4 required.


  1. Wow, what a list! You've finished a whole bunch of awesome stuff.

  2. And in only a month too! Personally, I think of your progress as an example to aspire to.

  3. Thanks so much. I took a couple of deep breaths and the outlook is sunnier. I've been obsessing about making the dress itself. I think I've just got to take a deep breath, cut it and start working on it so the to-do mountain doesn't look so big and the unknown doesn't seem so difficult.