Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And then there's the other list

In contrast to what I have completed, there is the list of what still needs to get done.

1.) Side back laced velvet bodice
2.) Bodice ties
3.) Knife pleated velvet skirt
4.)Slashed velvet under sleeves
5.) Puffed and paned over sleeve. (I'm still up in the air on whether 4 and 5 are two items or not and if 5 is attached to the bodice or not.)
6. Gold trim for dress
7.Camicia with lace insertions and trim
8. Silk Venetians
9. Partlet
10. Tablet woven garters
11. Girdle
12. Necklace
13.) Earrings
14.) Balzo
15.) Chopines
16.) Shoes
17.) Gloves
18.) Veil
19.) Dutch cloak

I think that's pretty much it. I've broken the dress down into a number of smaller bits so its not quite as bad as it looks, but I do need to make some other pieces of garb in the next 2 months so I've got something to wear to Baron's War. I also need to devote the rest of this week to getting something for me and the kids to wear to Melee Madness this weekend so I'm mostly suspending the project for a day or two.

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