Saturday, June 18, 2011

At least HE'S going to have something to wear.

Pretty productive day on the ensemble for my husband.  I need to slipstitch the collar lining of the cloak and add ties, but its basically done.  His shirt needs cuff fastenings but its almost done as well.  I'm pretty pleased with it.  Its a very lightweight cotton voile and he says he really likes how it feels.  He vetoed the length of the shirt in the pattern, so I cut off about 12 inches from the length and he wanted ruffles on the cuffs but not on the neck.  Other than that I did it exactly as specified.  Following a pattern that closely is unheard of for me.  Probably the reason I actually got two items of clothing done, however.  No detours into frustration and creative reconstruction. 

I'm hoping to get the Venetians cut this evening and maybe sew some more eyelets so I can make at least a little progress on my dress-- especially since it needs to be wearable in a week.  Tomorrow's project is hopefully finishing Gandhi's trousers and starting on my camisia.  He's celebrating Father's Day by watching our kids so I can sew.  There was some mention of a movie.

Shopping yesterday went nicely.  I picked up the cotton voile I used for his shirt and some batiste for my camisia.  I also picked up about 25 yards of lace to do the insertions.  There's a thicker one for the zig-zags of the sleeves and a coordinating thinner one for between the body pieces.  I'm pretty excited about it.  Certainly nicer than what I was making.  I washed the lace this morning and then spent about an hour and a half blocking and ironing it.  It didn't shrink all that much, which was a nice surprise.  I promised Gandhi if the camisia isn't going quickly tomorrow, I'll change plans and do a quick plain one for the wedding next weekend and get back to working on the one for the IRCC afterward.  He's worried about more frustration hitting with the tight deadline.  He's probably right, but I also want to see some progress on the project.  Especially since I'm way overdue for sending in an update.

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  1. Psst...

    Not that I'm advocating for this, but I have had occassions where I couldn't finish my eyelets and so I just threaded lacing ribbon through a tapestry needle and ran it through my bodice where the lacing holes should be. I usually have at least 3 layers of fabric in a bodice and I haven't had any problems with the lacing holes pulling out. Then I just stitch the eyelets as I have time.

    Temporay lacing strips with metal eyelets sewn inside the bodice also work. I just sew them on and then tack mine down on the leading edge between the eyelets so that it doesn't gap.

    (Wow. I sound like I never sew eyelets, but I do. Really I do. I actually like to make them!)