Thursday, June 16, 2011

It doesn't take much to make him happy

I once made my husband a hoodie.  It took me less than an hour and he wore it basically every day for a couple of years until the nap wore off of the elbows.  The hood was badly shaped and the front pocket was on slightly wonky.  He didn't care.  I'd made it for him and thus it was his favorite thing.  Even in its current state he still wears it from time to time.  Every time he can find it in fact.  I keep hiding it. . .

Nothing like that sort of vote of confidence to make you feel like you can make anything.  I've been feeling bad about my construction skills so I figure the perfect antidote is to make the planned doublet for my guy.

I bought Margo Anderson's pattern for the Elizabethan Gentlemen's Wardrobe.  I've got just over a week to get it done for this wedding we're attending.  Nothing like a deadline to motivate.  The nice thing is I know he won't care how it turns out.  I could make him a rectangle of fabric with a hole cut out for the head, call it a tabard, and he'd wear it.  That fact makes me want to make him something truly beautiful, however.  He deserves it.  To brag about him a little more, he just got a new job.  He's rather brilliant actually and is a computer software developer.  He wasn't looking for something new, but it found him.  His current job wanted to keep him so much there was a sort of bidding war for his services.  I'm pretty darn proud of the man. 

So, I guess I better get busy cutting his doublet and making him something nifty. 

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