Saturday, June 11, 2011


This little fellow is Arcano.  He's my new zibellino from Sable Greyhound.  He's my personal reward for blogging and making progress.  Yes.  I bribed myself to play.  Isn't he adorable?  Holly's work is so beautiful.  They're supposed to be accessories, but they're more collectible art.  Some of the owners have named their own, but mine came with his name attached and its perfect.  There's been a joke about his "dark and mysterious past" as a zibi assassin or something.  I said something about zibi trading cards .  Holly made the mistake of saying okay.  Bwahahahahahah!   I poked my husband about helping me do some character sketches.  We'll see what comes of it.  If I can't get him working on it I might poke Marguerite's husband about it.  Silly?  Of course.  But fun.

In a related distraction, I spent my morning reading up on fur currency in 11th-14th century Russia.  One type of unit of money was the kuna.  Its derived from the word kunitsa which means marten.  Even after the return to silver coins kuna remained in the language as a word for money.  In an interesting twist, the word nogata was used to mean a "fur with legs" but is derived from the Arabic word nagd which means "a good coin."  Etymology is cool.

I have the back shell of the bodice stitched, just need to have some help adjusting the shoulders so I can attach front to back.  Then on to the eyelets.  I was hoping to finish them this afternoon, but we have surprise friends in town.  They're driving up about 3 and half hours to attend the Utah Scottish Festival and Highland Games.  It's 5 minutes from our house so we HAVE to go.  The Wicked Tinkers are playing the evening concert.  Fun, fun.  Dancing, bagpipes, large things being thrown, and good friends.  The dress can wait another day.

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