Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ack! Can't find the camera.

Nothing is safe here with both babies now walking, climbing, and pulling things off every available surface.  I can't find the camera, so there are no pictures.  And there are things to take pictures of!  My fears about the bodice have been set to rest.  It fits PERFECTLY!  So perfectly that I might take the next one in a bit so I can lace it a bit looser and lose a pound or two and then tighten it up.

Didn't get around to the skirt yet, but I worked on the camisia.  It needs one more side panel attached and the second sleeve and then its all constructed.  Lots of handwork left with the gathering, but its starting to look good.

There might actually be something wearable by this weekend.  I've been bemoaning the plainness of my portrait dress up to now, but it very well may save me.

Can't happy dance yet since I have a doublet, a pair of trousers and a skirt to make by Saturday, but things are coming together.  There are clothes happening rather than just bits and pieces. 

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