Friday, June 17, 2011

Another historic skill being kept alive by seamstresses

With GPS there just aren't that many opportunities to truly frustrate yourself by trying to fold a map back into its original dimensions.  Luckily, however, anyone who sews gets to continue to practice this obscure and disappearing craft by attempting to put the tissue paper pattern back into the envelope.  A good time was had by all. . .

Actually, it was. I had a pretty constructive day yesterday.  I got the pattern cut out so that I could try it on Gandhi and retraced his size on to plastic.  We decided with the heat to wait on the fur lined scholar's robe until winter, so I'm doing the half circle cloak that is part of the pattern.  I got that cut out.  I finished another yard of the veil edging and did 8 more of the eyelets on the bodice.  I'm still dissatisfied with them, but have decided to finish them.  If I still detest them once they are all complete, I can re-do the bodice entirely, but I'll have at least practiced eyelets that much more.  My friends keep reassuring me that once the laces are in them I won't be as bothered.  I hope they're right.  The eyelets are very functional and placed correctly, its just that the stitches are not at all even.

Today is a shopping day (payday!) where I plan to pick up fabric for Gandhi's shirt, buy silk to make the lacing cords, and purchase lace for my camisia since I've given up on getting the lace I was making done in time.  I found what I hope is a suitable replacement at a local shop that caters to heirloom sewing for children.  They have one of the largest selections of laces I've ever encountered.

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