Sunday, June 26, 2011

Terrible pictures as usual

I had hoped having someone else take the picture would mean we got a decent one.  No such luck.  Its proof I made some stuff though!

As a first attempt on the doublet with hook and eyes sewn in at the last minute and the lining not in place I'm actually really pleased.  The next one is going to be really nice I think.  Everyone who saw it had loads of complements on the shirt and its the one piece of the ensemble that I don't feel needs any tweaks or fixes.  Its a really nice shirt.   Gandhi loves the Venetians and they fit really well.  He told me he was pleasantly surprised, assuming they wouldn't be comfortable but he wants another pair so there's a seal of approval right there.  He liked the cape as well, but June might not be the time to really test it out.  It hung nicely and made another layer.  I joked with him if I made him a hat he'd have his own 4 layer challenge outfit.

My outfit at the wedding wasn't quite as successful.  It was pretty and I've certainly worked hard on all the pieces, but it was much less complete.  I was really happy with the fit of the bodice, but something strange happened and a couple of pieces of the boning moved around and escaped the interlining so I had to pull it apart and fix that this morning.  I also had to fix the camisia.  I had "gather smocked" the neckline and backstitched across the gathering strings, but sections in the sleeves broke and it loosened a lot.  I am in the process of fixing that.  The plan had always been to attach a band and add more lace to the top and hem so this just confirmed that I need to further secure it.  The petticoat was really comfortable, even in the heat.  I wore the apron since I didn't have the overskirt done and it was a fun piece.  I'm glad I made it and think it will add a lot of versatility to the finished dress.

I finished the veil and the necklace and am sending in my update to Bella so there'll be some fun stuff to talk about tomorrow.  Going to get back in the swing of things and get back to being better at the daily babbling.

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