Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blargh. . .

Eyelets are not going well.  I'm not nearly practiced enough at them.  I just don't like how they are looking.  I went to a sewing day today where I managed to do a whopping 5 eyelets amidst much complaining and gnashing of teeth.  I was contemplating throwing the darn thing across the room and stomping on it a bit. 

I'm considering taking the shell off and cutting out a new bodice and starting over.  I've been slow and careful and, I'd hoped, meticulous with the sewing, but it really looks shoddy.  I have plenty of both the silk and the velvet so materials are not an issue, I'm just upset at having lost a week of work.  Just not sure what I am doing wrong, but I'm concerned the bodice isn't going to fit and the bad looking eyelets are the final straw.

Maybe Bella is right, it is Survivor.  Looking at just this week I'd either be voted off or just quit and go home.  The pile of accessories is helping though.  If I stop now I have nothing whatsoever to wear them with. . .

So, teacup tempests and temper tantrums.  Giorgione's Tempest and its roiling clouds and thunder in the background about sums up my mood.    

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