Monday, June 6, 2011

Putt-putt-putt- putt

Plugging along. I got the boning channels sewn into the interlining for the bodice and the bones into the front section. I'm using duct ties and still have a few to file smooth and the back ones to put in. I did 20 bones in the front section and then 8 in the back. It seems like its going to be plenty supportive. Crossing my fingers. I'm rather squishy and pretty well endowed as well as being fat. Every little bit of structure is going to be a good thing since I'm not doing a corset, but counting on the dress for all the shaping. I'm going to finish that and then pad stitch the felt to the canvas. That should keep it together so its not loose to shift around, but also add that much more firmness to the support layers.

Looking forward to getting the bodice done so I can play with jewelry and make the girdle. I've been putting it off so I can get the size right and make sure it lays correctly. Shiny!


  1. I'm so curious about cable ties. I have a half completed effigy-style corset which I originally boned with cable ties but I got stuck 1/2 way because they just feel so ...weak and plastic-y to me. I am alyays reminded of the ren-fair corset I made with plastic "bridal" boning in my teens (it was what i could find) which was just fine until I actually wore it.

    Then my body heat permanently reshaped the boning and it was pretty much useless. (As I remember I took them out because it worked better without!)

    I generally use hemp cord for my boning but my 1/2 made corset has been staring at me accusingly lately...I can't wait to hear what you think of the cable ties!

  2. I haven't used it before, but I've heard nothing but good things from local friends who do late period. I have a letter opener that is made from whale baleen (the real "whale bone" used for corsets) and it has a lot in common with the big duct ties. They aren't really anything like the plastic boning you can buy commercially. I'll definitely let you know my impressions when I finish and get to wear this.