Friday, June 24, 2011


Going to get a picture later today when my husband gets home in the midst of packing to go to our friend's wedding.  I got us each something wearable.  Not complete by any means but wearable,  Its not a reenactment thing so even an attempt at "Ren" will be appreciated.  I'm wearing my camisia, the bodice, my petticoat and apron.  Not sure if I'll go bareheaded or wear my blackwork coif.  I got him a doublet, venetians, shirt, and cape done  The sleeves didn't get done and the doublet needs more trim and what is on it now if really shiny gold, but its reasonable and he's excited about it.  I think wearing things will be motivational for getting more done quickly.  I really want to get the sleeves started.

Now to finish laundry and make the card for the wedding.  We bought the couple a longbow off their registry and I'm making them a pair of bycocket (Robin Hood) hats as their card since the bow hasn't shipped yet.

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