Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some progress on the chopines

Please excuse the gratuitous cute baby picture. He was "helping" me with my chopines. I've been fussing with these for far too long, trying to take off small bits with handtools. Finally got my wood a date with a bandsaw. Hooray! They're actually starting to look a bit more like chopines. They've got an hourglass shape in at least one direction. Now I have to figure out how shape them in the other direction. Sanding, files, and my tiny carving chisels just aren't cutting it. Maybe a table router? My dad has one and we're going down south for a wedding at the end of the month.

Speaking of the wedding-- I guess I'm adding an outfit for my husband to the mix. Our friends who we've known forever are having a Renaissance themed wedding and we have nothing to wear. My husband's SCA persona is 12th century Persian. Not the sort of thing to blend with Renaissance-oid parties. I've been eyeing Berdino Licinio's Portrait of an Architect as inspiration for him for a while now. Its just so very him. He even has the coloring and the beard for it. His favorite color is also red. Its simple and clean without a lot of fuss, which suits him well. He also already has a scholar's robe that I made him for a previous occasion, so if I run out of time for the outer layer he can wear that. I like the more shaped sleeves and fur collar on this one though so would prefer to make a new one if I can find the materials and the time. I do have a great fabric for the doublet. Its a deep black cherry. He's going to look seriously wonderful in the color. He's put in a vote for not having matching trunkhose, so I guess I'll probably be doing black. I haven't done a lot of men's late period, so I ordered Margo Anderson's men's pattern yesterday rather than fuss with trying to draft it myself and lose time from other projects. Guess I'm going to have to get out of my tortoise mindset and do a bit of sprinting for a couple of weeks. Should be fun.


  1. I still find myself also favoring the "buy a carving axe" plan.

  2. you would. I'm not against it, but it always seem silly to buy tools to make something I'm not going to wear much. Guess there's plenty more I could carve with an ax though. Russian stuff even :p.