Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just lacks a ribbon and we have a volosnik

I thought I had a ways more to go with the netting, but ran out of the pearl cotton I was using (left over from another project)  and decided to check and see how much I needed to purchase.  I put in a temporary drawstring of the first piece of cording that came to hand thinking I had quite a ways to go.  I tried it on and its plenty roomy enough to cover my braids and the povoinik that would be worn underneath.  Hooray for being done with it much more quickly than I'd hoped.

Since this is a first attempt , won't really be seen much in the finished outfit, and I'm trying to use as much stash as I can for certain elements so I can splurge on others; I didn't use gold, silver, or silk threads, which would have been more appropriate.  I opted instead for a light cotton perle.  I did a series of Solomon's Knots rather than netting.  Both use a gauge to loop and knots to stabilize, but I'm much more comfortable with a crochet hook than a netting shuttle.  I used the out of period technique in the interest of time, so I'm not still making this next summer.  As I said, just a little bit of finish work left.  I'm planning to starch the mesh a little so that it gives a more proper shape.  I think I will just sew some more of the green into a tube and use it for the ribbon to continue with my salvaged materials theme here.

I've been watching Star Trek:TNG while I sew so I have decided to make the povoinik and pozatylnik next.  I better explain that last sentence, hadn't I.  A pozatylnik is a rectangle of fabric that lies over the back of the neck, covering it from exposure.  It always reminds me of the headwrap/drape the Ferengi wear.  The povoinik is the basic coif that starts the whole edifice that is a Russian woman's hat.  It's a pretty simple coif with a drawstring at the back to draw it tight over the double braids, but they usually has a decorated forehead just like the volosnik.  The pozatylnik is attached over the povoinik to cover the neck.  The volosnik is worn over it.  Its sort of analogous to a chemise and drawers and petticoat for the head.  As I said, we're building a proper foundation for what goes over the top.  Just need to decide if I'm going to use something different for the forehead of the povoinik or continue on with the applique.

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