Saturday, August 20, 2011


I wasn't sure if I was supposed to post these or not, but it looks like several of the other competitors have posted their final pictures. First one is of almost everything. Coat, dress, partlet, chopines, flag fan, all the jewelry, and the zibellino.

Flashing the chopines, the drawers, and my stockings

Dress with the flag fan

Back of the dress. You can see my zibi's feet. She's got rice pearls for toenails and it makes me laugh every time I see them.

Veil and muff. I'm actually surprised at how much of my face you can see.

The vizard protecting my complexion.

Being silly with the nosegay. The scent of the oregano is actually really very nice. I can totally see it as a useful item to have in a room full of sweaty bodies and unaired clothing.

SHOES! I'm unreasonably proud of these. I just love how they turned out.

Side view. Check out just how poofy those over sleeves are.

Apron and the rosary. I'm not sure how correct it would be, but I took off the partlet because the apron and it was just too much white for the light we were dealing with.

hairpins and jewelry. One of my stones in the necklace cracked on the way to pictures. I replaced it this morning. I suppose something had to go wrong.

Pocket and petticoat. The light was being bad since it was late in the evening and I couldn't get very good contrast of the chemise to show off the lace. Its SO pretty in person and so lame in pictures.

I've got a few dozen more pictures, but those are the highlights I think.


  1. Beautiful you and beautiful pics! :)

  2. Absolutely fabulous! And congrats on the win, it's well deserved!

  3. Came upon your blog very randomly through a google image search for 'chopines' and am so glad I did!
    These pictures are just enchanting, thank you so much for sharing!!