Thursday, August 18, 2011

One more for the road

I'm sitting here waiting to go get pictures and I can't seem to stop.  I'm done though.  Really.   I'm not going to make anything else.  Probably.

As I was putting together props for the pictures; an embroidery frame, my copy of the Hastings Book of Hours (get it!  Yeah, I'm not really funny.  I just think I am.) and the pile of stuff, I decided to do one more quick thing.  A nosegay.
I included a variety of herbs in it. It has three leafed clover and strawberry leaf and flower. In Christian art they're both fertility symbols and by extension symbols of marital love. It also has flowering oregano. In ancient Greece bridal couples were crowned with wreaths of oregano. There's also a bit of raspberry leaf in there. Its another herb believed to bring good luck in marriage according to a variety of folk traditions. You might be seeing a theme here. I wanted to put a little thank you out there to my long suffering husband who has supported me through this. Especially the total unexplained crazy of the last week as I've gotten really anxious and nutty. I love you sweetheart.

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