Friday, August 5, 2011

Totally unrelated tool show off.

I have to show off my new chicken scissors. Because they're CHICKEN SCISSORS.  How fun is that?  They're Mundial "Chanticleers."  I've got boring lion tails and filigree ones, but these are poultry.  They make me cackle.  Which is only appropriate with chicken scissors.

I also got this pleater in a garage sale sort of thing.  Rather fittingly, I'm working on my partlet and wishing I could just run it through the pleater rather than drawing the strings up.  If I didn't need to order needles for this and make sure it actually works, I would be so very, very tempted.  I can't wait to try it out and do some smocked things for the kid's garb (as practice.)  We're going to be so fluffy for Solstice.  That's when I plan to show off the Italian dress with my girls in red velvet kirtles and my boys in jerkins and Gandhi in his doublet.  That might even be the Christmas card picture this year.  I'm sure anyone who actually knows us will not batt an eye.

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