Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chopine progress

Getting closer!  Unfortunately I ran out of tacks.  I need to pick up a lot more this evening.  But, they are covered finally and that makes me very happy.  I made my husband (who is 6'4") stand next to me while I balanced on them.  I'm a good 3 inches taller than him and get to look down on him.  That thrills me for no particular reason.  Between the shoes and the hat I should be approaching 7 feet tall.  BWAHAHAHAHAH!  I get to be the tallest person in the room.

Trying to decide if I should use more of the narrow gold cord to lace the vamps, or be silly and use fluffy ribbon and aiglets.  Big bows might be fun, but I'm worried they'd take away from the giant tassels I have planned for the toes.  Are they over the top yet?  Gee, I hope so.