Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I put most everything on tonight after finishing up the baragoni to wear to fighter practice as sort of a trial run before pictures.  Still a few things to finish up (like my coat) but I thought I was pretty well done.  A few minor things turned up like one part of the pleats of the skirt separating and a big run in the fabric of my stockings that needs to be mended.  Simple repairs.  Easily fixable.  All except for one thing--

  I had my bodice patterned to back in April.  I made the bodice back in June.  In June it fit perfectly.  In June I was nursing twins.  They've been weaned since. . .

Yeah.  It doesn't fit so well any more.  Not terrible and its certainly wearable, but ugh!  I was feeling so good about my pretty dress.  Not that its not still pretty.  It most certainly is.  Just to reassure me a little 5 year old girl came up to me in the park and had her mom ask me if she could have her picture taken with me because I looked like a princess.  It really is a cool dress.  Ah well, nothing ever comes out as well as you'd like it to I suppose.

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