Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another salvage operation

I'm looking at my list of stuff to do and already despairing.  EVERYTHING has to be heavily embroidered.  I don't have a lot of trim in the stash either, having used most of my reserves for the IRCC.  I started opening random boxes in the garage, hoping for inspiration when I came across the lengha.  Heavily, heavily embroidered with mirrors and goldwork its been something I haven't ever found the perfect use for.  I did use one of the sleeves to make a bag to keep my zills in for bellydance, but the rest of it has just been sitting around for several years.  While the motifs aren't really correct for Russian, I'm thinking the sheer amount of gold and bullion knots might make it something I can work with.  I'm still amazed at how useful the Christmas ribbon salvage was for the Italian.  The cord and the ribbon itself went into quite a few of the different pieces of the outfit.  hopefully this will be half as useful. The little flowers aren't obnoxiously wrong.  So, I'm plunging in.  As sad as it makes me to waste some of the embroidery, I think cutting the individual bits apart, mounting them and appliqueing them to create some trims is the best use.  I'd already planned to integrate some orange and gold in with my green and red (it ties in with the fabric for the letnik and clashing is a good thing anyway.

Holding my breath and starting to cut.  Ouch!

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  1. Congrats on the Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge Win!!!