Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tomorrow I'll get pictures

I'm in the middle of about 5 projects, but they're getting close to being done.  I just have the lining to finish stitching into the undersleeves and the lacing rings and they're complete.  The baragoni are pretty close too.  Just have to finish the bombasting and line them and do the lacing rings for those.  I decided to make a quick moretta mask since I kept seeing them in reference pictures for other things I was making.  I couldn't find any Italian extant pieces, but there is the Daventry mask, which was found just in June of last year in England and a doll sized one at the V&A.  Mine is done with a buckram base shaped on my styrofoam head form and then covered in black velvet and lined in silk.  There's a bead attached to the mouth slit for biting on to and holding it on.  I adapted this tutorial.

Since I had the picture up for the Dutch cloak, I made a final decision on whether to attempt it or not and decided I'd rather keep the velvet I had planned for it for my next project.  Instead, I pulled a brown and red brocade from my stash and decided to make a zimarra (lose gown) instead.  It's actually the back side of the fabric, since the front has more red than brown and the brown works better against all the red of the dress.  It's lined in a lightweight green cotton.  I did basic rectangular construction, and I plan on just doing shoulder wings for now.  The fullness of the sleeves of the dress seem like a bit much to have another sleeve over.  I may add a hanging sleeve in the future.  It's sewn together, just needs trim and the wings.  If I get enough time I'll do threadworked buttons and military style bar braids for fastening.

Here's another one of those examples of moretta masks/vizards that I kept finding.  This one is actually the reference for my drawstring bag with tassels.  Just finishing the decoration on the bag.

No, I can't really ever seem to focus on one thing, and I know I'm supposed to be finishing this rather than starting new projects, but I'm enjoying it.  I've never finished anything other than at the last minute, so it just wouldn't be right unless I was scrambling to finish the last little bits. 

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