Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I REALLY need to make a duct tape double or something so I have a display for showing off.  Throwing it on the chair just doesn't do much for things.  The giant puffed sleeves actually look rather nice when worn.  Between the velvet and the stuffing I can totally see their practical use as pillows for small children being carried and wanting to rest their heads on mama's shoulder.

I need to get the real laces in and fix the spot at the waist where the skirt unpleated for about 2 inches.  I also have a little bit of the hem to finish up (I was up late  with insomnia doing most of it.)  Probably not much happening today, however, as it is my son Demetri's 4th birthday so I'll be focusing on being a mom for most of the day.

Pictures are planned for Thursday.  Which should also be fun since my husband is going out of town for the weekend and his plane leaves early in the evening.  Juggling the kids and trying to wear the dress is going to be exciting.  Too bad I didn't get their clothes done.  I'm sure I'd have ended up with some approximation of the portrait with kids tugging on clothes and playing with jewelry and generally being in the shot.


  1. Looks so freaking awesome! Sure you don't want to make the switch and be an authentic italian girl with us?
    <3 you!

  2. Thanks Fia! I most certainly plan on making more Italian dresses since I have so many things to go with them. Can't be an Italian girl full time though-- you don't have enough hat options :)