Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chopines are finally finished

Loads of trim and 180 upholstery tacks later, the silly platforms are done.  At least I think they're done.  How do you determine at what point a pair of bright red tasseled 8 inch platform sandals with giant bows and filigreed gold trim goes over the edge of good taste and into too much?  They look especially crazy when worn with my green linen stockings.  I'll have to try for a picture of that later, but it doesn't work very well to take a picture of your own feet.

  I had planned to wear them with the red and gold cutwork leather slippers, but those may have to wait until after the contest is over.  Makes me really glad I decided to do a split vamp so they can be adjust to be worn with shoes or without.  The tassels are made from rayon embroidery floss.  I'm not as thrilled with them as I'd like.  I'm sort of considering making a pair of gold tassels instead, but I'm not going to worry about it until the contest is over since I need to move on to other things.

I had planned to braid silk for the bodice laces as my next project but now I'm waffling.  I even have the silk.  I did a pair for Serafina's Elevation dress.  I might skip it at this point since they're not exactly a big bang for your buck project.  They took me days to do and are strong and nice, but really subtle.  Same sort of thing as the petticoat lace.  Its nice, but not really obvious.  Another option is working on the tablet woven garters.  Again, its a time suck that perhaps I should wait on.

The only thing left on the dress itself is the sleeves.  I'm making slow progress on them, but they're coming along.  I'm couching trim.  That should keep me busy for a few days.

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