Sunday, August 14, 2011

Undersleeves are done

I just finished the last lacing ring to tie the undersleeves on.  They're lined in the rosy gold silk and fit beautifully.  I'm feeling a little silly for slashing them and then doing false puffs, but I honestly couldn't imagine myself having time to pull all the slashes through every time I wore the dress, and the white is such a huge part of the look of these.  Kids are helpful that way.  You're lucky if you get completely dressed, let alone get all the details right.  I used scrap of the partlet for the puffs since it was already gathered.  I just tacked the fabric to the inside of the slash and pulled through so that I got a natural look more in keeping with how it would look to have the camisia pulled through.  I figure if I ever chose to I can undo the tacks and take out the false puffs and slash the lining and do them correctly.

On to the baragoni (short puffy oversleeve.)  I've just got to finish bombasting them and attach them to the bottom tabbed bands.  Just as soon as I go buy more thread since I have run out of anything remotely resembling red or gold thread.

I've been wandering around in circles trying to figure out buttons and trim for the zimmara that doesn't involve me doing a bunch of threadworked buttons really quickly.  I think I came up with a good idea about midnight last night.  We'll see if it can take the light of day.

Hoping for sleeves and a coat by dinner time.  Wish me luck.


  1. You could make fabric buttons. Cut a 4" circle, gather stitch the circumference. Stuff the gathered edges into the bubble and use the folded dimple as your next "edge". Gather stitch the circumference of the dimple and you're done. They match or contrast perfectly.

    As for trimmings... Don't forget bias tape. Any fabric becomes a trim.

  2. Its a very good suggestion if it were not for the fact that I HATE bias tape. Hate, hate, hate it with a furor that burns deep and bright. It is sort of like macaroni and cheese in a box and Jello. Its supposed to be easy and fast, but never seems to work that way for me and I don't like the end result anyway. I've done binding on too many quilts to count and that may well have something to do with my distaste.