Friday, May 27, 2011

Whole lot of nothing

I've got half finished embroidered stocking clocks, a variety of garter experiments, chopines that have had a lot of time put into them and don't show it, 4 cloaks cut out for my kids and some Dutch cloak diagrams and sleeve doodles that will grow up to be a pattern at some point, but nothing actually worth taking pictures of and posting about. I'm really looking forward to a long weekend of doing nothing in particular.

I'm giving myself a deadline of the first to finish at least one more project and get a real update sent to Bella since I haven't done one in awhile.

I'm also hoping to draw out the embroidery pattern for the drawers and get them set up on my floor frame so I can start working on them in moments when I feel like embroidering.

End of school for my first grader, some other real like possible changes and icky weather just have me spinning my wheels so I apologize for nothing much to show right now. Hoping to get my brain in a better place in the next day or two. If it doesn't happen, I'm skipping ahead to the dress bodice to keep up forward momentum, but I'm hoping to not have to get that drastic.

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