Friday, May 6, 2011

A note pinned to my coat

Dear Readers,

Please excuse Hastings from writing this morning. Kingdom Arts and Science for Artemisia is tomorrow and she is swamped with other projects. She is responsible for finishing the scroll for the Queen's Choice award as well as pre-judging some written documents. Her brain is about to ooze out her ears and her shoulder has requested a leave of absence.

Ever to Your Service,

Praksedys Turova doch'
Minister of Arts and Sciences, Province of Arrow's Flight

The picture to the left is of Saint Paraskeva. She is the name saint of Praksedys (my persona.) The name translates to "Friday." She is a very popular patron saint of women in Russia as well as being the patron of spinners. Friday is Paraskeva's holy day and women are told not to spin on Fridays. I guess that gives me a good excuse even if I don't get anything accomplished today.

I'll try to get a picture up of the scroll once I finish it later today and get back to the IRCC quickly.


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