Monday, May 16, 2011


Well, that didn't work. I was trying to make a little needlecase to hang from my pocket, like I talked about last week. Epic Fail. It didn't work. Not even a little. The little tubes I had made from leather were too large and just looked bad. They sort of looked a little like a family of tube worms. The embossing metal I bought is like gold tin foil and just got all crinkly and looked horrible. I tried curling a metal embossing plate that I had into shape and just got metal splinters for my trouble.

I eventually just made a little cone shape with some red faux-suede. I made a strip of the material and stitched it to the lining in several spots to make pockets and then sewed it to the outer. It's not terrible and it does hold my scissors and some pins, but it really doesn't have the vibe of the picture. I think I'm just going to walk away. Eventually, I'll get around to the crazy project where I make the gorgeous embroidered one with peacocks. That's the one I actually want and I at least have a clue when it comes to embroidery and cardboard.

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