Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lacey stockings

I'm very pleased with the stockings so far. The bias diamonds look really great on. I have no idea why since they are thick green linen with baggy ankles, but somehow or another they feel really sexy. My husband remarked the same thing, so I'm not completely up in the night.

The gold lace worked up really fast because I decided to crochet it in the interest of time. Crochet was popularized as a way to make "fake" Venice lace so it was interesting to be using it for that. The lace is sufficiently drippy and pointy and I didn't have to go on a shopping quest to find it. I had exactly enough of the crochet thread (7 inches left) so hooray for stash! The cotton and crochet also make for a soft lace even with the metallic, so no random scratching on the legs is a happy thought.

I still need to finish hand sewing the ends of the gores and then I want to embroider the clocks with a little krin/heart. I'm going to decide on the pattern and start the couching for the welts today. I might add a bit of color, haven't decided yet.

The other thing I need to decide on is garters. That is going to require some research. While I know they were cloth or possibly woven ribbon, I really don't know much about it. At this point all I've really done is glance at the picture of Eleanora's stockings and garters in Patterns of Fashion 4. Should be a nice way to while away a rainy day. Wish it would stop raining though. We're on our third very wet day with at least one more forecast. I really want some sun.


  1. RE: baggy ankles....there's just no way to get around it when dealing with sewn stockings, it's nothing you're doing wrong, I assure you!

    p.s. Do we get to see "in action" shots of the stockings? I'm terribly curious!

  2. As soon as I get the welts done and garters figured out I will most certainly model them.