Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh yeah, that's why I didn't just buy the trim

I spent most of yesterday just feeling oogy. I'm really tired for no particular reason and have a general body ache. Took a long afternoon nap thanks to my husband running interference with the kids who are all of the opinion that naps are for the weak. Woke up and just couldn't commit to starting anything. Blah. I did take a trip to the fabric store, however. I was looking for some new fabric and some lace for my chemise since I'd basically come to the conclusion that making the lace was just going to take too long and I really want to have something done. My current gauze is also more cream than white and I wanted to fix that.

Oh yeah. There's a reason I make trims and lace. I forgot that the cost of trim is 3 or 4 times the cost of the fabric for the project (minimum) because there's so much of it. Umm. No. Especially since I can't find anything that is really exactly what I want. So, I can either make the lace or do a plain chemise. There's also the possibility of doing embroidery but there is a lot of that to do on the drawers already. I'm going to grumble about this for a day or two, but I don't think it'll end up being plain. Back to lacemaking I suppose. Trim needs to get made for the dress as well.

I did find some really nice beads on serious clearance while out shopping. My girdle may get some of the big filigree pendants in the bottom left corner of the photo. I'm sort of considering adding some of the gold beads in the middle (the ones that are paler and are 3 compartments all the same) to the braid for the dress trim. I spent a good hour sorting my gold beads out from my other bead boxes and putting those and the new ones into this box. Absolutely a waste of time, but sorting gets hypnotic I'm afraid. All the gold ones together are so sparkly.

Nothing done, but there's some embellishment plans fermenting in the back of my noggin'. I'm determined to cord the bottom of the underskirt today so I can finally cross it off the list as a completed layer. Cross your fingers.

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