Thursday, May 5, 2011


My 3 year old son is convinced that this is the coolest project ever because I let him hit things with a large rubber mallet. He also says I "made a sun" when I arranged the hairpins for the picture. He helped with that too, which is my excuse my inability to get a circle. It was a really fun morning.

Yes, I know, Camilla is wearing a really great hat and I will be making that, but I fell in love with this extant 16th century Venetian hairpin at the Met and needed to make some of those too. I have pretty long hair, but always wear it covered at SCA events due to my persona. It is considered both unlucky and shameful for a married Rus woman to have her hair uncovered and can bring disaster to her family. Having the Italian gown and an excuse to show off my hair is just too tempting, so I couldn't resist the hairpins. I also happened to have the perfect beads in my stash. Even if I never wear them at an event, I know I'll wear them in real life. I love hairtoys and have a pretty good collection of combs, hair sticks, decorated bobby pins, etc. More sparkly bits to put in my hair will certainly not go unused.

It was also totally worth it for the look of pure joy on my little boy's face as I gave him permission to hit things with an oversized hammer in order to harden the wire. I spend so much time asking him to leave my things alone, that it was a great change of pace. Mallet is also a fabulous word. Mallet.

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