Monday, May 2, 2011

Nipping procrastination in the bud

I am the world's biggest procrastinator. That's the reason I've been posting everyday first thing in the morning. Its an attempt to get momentum and accountability. I'm hoping enough momentum will result in a finished project. This morning there was nothing to post about, other than a pile of unfinished underskirt. I was just going to not post today and justify it. But then, I've been justifying no progress for a couple of days now. So, here's my diversionary tactic and kick in the pants. I offer up, my flag fan.

Its all stash stuff, which is why the dowel is a bit shorter than I would have preferred, but I'm really kind of thrilled with the happy accident of the tassels. I've had this tiny piece of trim that was too cool to throw out and too small to do anything with. I had about an inch left over. There wasn't enough for both sides, so its folded over the edge and sewn into place. It looks nice and finished on the back, but there is most certainly a front side .

The handle is treated with the same metallic rubbing wax I used for the other fan and I finished off the top and bottom of the dowel with a couple of beads. The fabric is leftover jacquard from my underskirt. I put a thin layer of card stock inside two layers of fabric and then the flag part is buttonhole stitch closed on the edge and whipped onto the dowel. The stitches aren't loose, but they do allow the flag to rotate a little. Between the little bit of give and the swing of the tassels, the fan just feels whimsical and make me grin pretty ridiculously when fanning.

Speaking of whimsy, I pulled out the materials to work on my zibellino and went and looked at Sable Greyhound Gifts for inspiration. Holly has the most beautiful zibis and droolworthy jewelry. I'm really considering forgoing the points and just having her make me the perfect zibellino and caracanet rather than making my own jewelry and fur. She lives in my Province and I've only resisted buying one so far is that I had nothing to wear with it. I won't have that excuse any more, dang it Her newest brilliant idea is the Zibaby-- miniature zibellini. I may have to make my little girls Venetian gowns and get them their own accessories so I can steal them. The thought of my one year old baby girl in a gown with a zibaby and her twin brother all done up to match in a tiny doublet is cause for squeals. My older daughter would just look elegant.

My zibellino is going to be pretty large and would be best worn over the shoulder or arm, I may still make it up just to see how it goes and buy a smaller one from Holly to dangle from the girdle as a different option.

Okay, procrastination held at bay for another day. Just keep swimming. . . er, um SEWING. Just keep sewing. The underskirt has to start taking shape soon, right?

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  1. Ah yes, Holly's zibbies... My zibby was made by Holly, and I bought the pelt from her because the one I found in a vintage shop was too puny.

    Here's a thought: why don't you have Holly *help* you with a zibby? That way you still get the points but you also get the guidance and expertise of Holly the Zibby Goddess!

    I will be owning a Zibaby very, very soon...

    Personally I'd do just one huge zibby. You'll want him to have a neck chain regardless. I wear mine chained to my girdle belt and his tail just barely brushes the floor! It looks fierce, though! I'd do just one huuuuuuge zibby and use it for shoulders and to hang.

    The fan is awesome!

    Long comment is long!