Sunday, May 8, 2011

Better get a wiggle on it

I was going to do another weekly round-up sort of thing, but really don't have that much finished for this week. Lots of work done though and I'm hopeful that another day or two will give me some more completed items-- maybe even finishing the underskirt and having my first completed garment. As part of my Mother's Day gift, I get to sew today while my husband watches the kids, so I'm planning for some big progress.

I want to decide on the width of the camisia sleeves today and do a preliminary layout of the lace insertions to see if I'm getting anywhere close to finishing. Crossing my fingers on that. It would be nice to switch patterns and start working on the insertions between the gores just for a change of pace. The other big project for the day is putting the pieces of the zibellino together and finishing that up.

I also need to make some progress on the chopines. I have a splendiferous reason to bump them up the list of projects. The incredible Seraphino Basso got asked yesterday to think about joining the Order of the Laurel and would like a pair to be elevated at her elevation, so to speak. Hoping to learn enough making my chopines, so we can get her an awesome pair made. It also ups my timeline a bit, since I would like to have my dress ready to wear to her elevation since she patterned it.

Guess I better go get working!

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