Sunday, May 15, 2011

I draped a sock

I got my stockings patterned. I'm a yarn junkie, so I was hoping to knit them, but I just don't think that there is time. Red knitted silk stockings like Eleanora's will have to be a project for later. So, I figured I'd give linen hose a try. I have never worn them. (Rus wear legs wraps-- socks didn't really get popular until later. Like after WWII later.) Therefore, this is my first attempt drafting linen to fit this close to the body. It seemed to work pretty well, so I'm pleased. I used Katerina's method and it went very smoothly. I wasn't lucky enough to have help, but it only took a tweek or two to make it fit the way I was hoping for. The ankles are a tiny bit baggy when I stand up, but I couldn't get them any tighter and still have them fit when my foot flexed. I'm really happy about the fit of the calf. The stocking stays up pretty well on its own, so it should stay in place well once gartered.

The fabric I chose has sort of made the decision regarding decoration for me. I had a vague recollection of having bought a green linen with a really loose decorative weave that shrunk and tightened up interestingly. When I pulled it out it was prettier than I remembered it. With the stockings cut on the bias the weave becomes diamonds. So, there's my card suite if I use the seeblatter and krin with their accompanying hearts. The color is also gorgeous. The picture doesn't come close to doing it justice. Its a really nice emerald. I have random gold threads in my drawer that are washable and not what I'd use for goldwork on something else, so I think I'm going to couch them on the welts. I've also got a gold cotton thread with a reasonably uncheesy looking metallic that I think I will make lace with to trim the edges. Should be reasonably luxe looking while still remaining washable and a small enough amount of lace that it'll whip up quickly.

Not much else to talk about, and this post is pretty late, but I wanted to make certain I didn't skip a day. Off to sew stocking seams and design the pattern for the couching.

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