Friday, May 13, 2011

Well darn, my cartridge pleating post disappeared

My musings on how many times I've taken the cartridge pleats out and redone them has disappeared. Ah well, maybe I didn't need to have my insecurities on display.

I'm in the middle of putting together an official update since its been awhile. I'm pushing to get all the pleating done before the end of day today so I can have the skirt hang over the weekend and do the hem and guards starting on Monday. I finished the zibellino and its very sparkly. So, my update will have the petticoat, zibi, hairpins, and flag fan. I was sort of toying with waiting until the 21st to update since I'd have a lot more finished, but decided 2 weeks is too long as it is.

I've got a lot of cleaning and yard work to do this weekend, so not sure there will be much progress over the next couple of days. Maybe the rosary will finish up at least. Maybe not, it depends on how long the beads take to dry. I have added a piece of outerwear to my to do list after running across the perfect fabric in my stash to make a cappotto, so I'll at least babble about that a bit and show off the fabric, plan, and notions. I also need to make something to wear to Baron's War since I'll be going so I can be at Seraphina's elevation. I'm trying to decide between a Persian style coat or the Venetian version of the Turkish coat. I have an incredibly crazy fabric with pomegranates in robin's egg blue, olive, and hot pink that would be perfect for a true Persian style coat. It's been in my to do pile for some time now and that might just win out over something with taste and restraint.

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  1. Blogger ate some of my comments while it was 'unavailable' the other day, so the same gremlin probably ate your post. :-/
    I'm so jealous of all your progress! I haven't done a single stitch on my project yet. ^^;