Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finally finished one layer

Finished the underskirt at 11:55 last night, so I did in fact finish it yesterday. That's what determined it only had 2 lines of cording in the hem and no guards though, so I might change my mind on that. Going around and around the almost 300" hem by hand ate up my day. Next time there is no way, no how that I am hand sewing the underskirt. My only justification for this one is that I'm thinking about wearing it with my Elizabethan jacket and loose gown where it will be an outer layer.

Seems sufficiently poofy. I certainly get a lot of hip as a result of the deep padded pleats. Not sure yet how effective the cording is in the hem. It's easy enough to walk in, but we'll have to see how it works with the velvet once that's done.

So, there it is. A little over a month and I finally finished one layer of the four. Geez, I'm slow.

It's my mother's birthday and she's visiting, so the afternoon is pretty much spoken for. I am hoping to at least get the clocks of the stockings embroidered since I had a simple design planned.

I decided to reward myself for actually following through and blogging every day and working on this steadily. Yesterday was the 40th blog post on this. Wow, huh? I can sure babble on. Anyway, I bought myself a prize. I'm now the proud owner of Arcano the zibellino. He's at the bottom of the page here at Sable Greyhound. Holly is bringing him by fighter practice today for me. Yippee! I've got Galanthias made for the portrait, but Arcano is smaller and more easily worn hanging from the girdle. Not to mention, he's just so cute. I saw him and started singing "Black Magic Woman" in my head. Seemed like a good sign.


  1. The underskirt looks great! Lovely pleating.

    Arcano! I love that little guy. Holly custom made me a zibaby, and he's all black- almost looks like Arcano's demon spawn! Haha.

  2. Is Piero yours then? He's adorable. Arcano came home last night and is settling in nicely so far.