Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Working on largesse

Our Province is hosting Kingdom Coronation Sept 1st and I decided it would be a nice gesture to put together a basket of items for Their Majesties to give out during their reign (or the next reign.)  Fast and easy is the watchword.  I'm working on some mini-pincushions and a few other things, but this is what I got done today.

I made stamped notecards and envelopes and did "Viking" necklaces based rather loosely on a Finnish necklace from Eura grave # 56, dated 1025-1050.  I still had a bag of Kuchi coins hanging around from when I danced American Tribal Style bellydance so they came together nicely. 

Dress for my oldest is coming along still.  Hoping to get both sottana's done tonight and be able to start the boys garb.

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