Thursday, August 16, 2012

And it is done!


The "Cliff's Notes" of the outfit

A) Linen camicia with lace insertion. Handsewn insertions, handpleated
B) Orange silk and red canvas full petticoat bodies. Machine stitched boning channels hand bound in red pigskin with handworked eyelets. Machine sewn lined petticoat with handworked eyelets and cartridge pleated waist and hand applied ribbon trim.
C) Open bodiced Venetian dress of gold cotton brocade.  Machine sewn long seams with hand applied ribbon trim.and padded cartridge pleats. Sleeves with beaded rosettes.
D) Cappotto and matching bonnet with feathers.  Handbraided frogs and threadworked buttons. Hand couched gold cord along hand applied bias trim.  Cartridge pleated wool lined hat.

Extra accessories

Papier mache tourney shield. Hand sculpted and painted.
Gold cotton windowpane veil with handmade tassels.
Fur lined muff with leather cutwork applique and threadworked buttons
Paper flag fan with drawn and painted pear with calligraphy poem
Sculpted feather fan
Painted parasol with sculpted apres finial and handsewn tassels
Zibellino with sculpted head and beaded girdle drop
2 sets of hairpins, filed, assembled, and painted
Strung blue jasper and gold necklace
Strung pearl necklace with acorns and maple leaf pendant
Assembled chandelier pearl earrings with silk bows
Signet ring with carved intaglio gem
Set of bracelets in half-Persian weave
Beaded girdle belt
Sash with interlaced herringbone embroidery, tassels, and beading
Beaded rosary with hand tied tassel
Lace sweetbag sewing set with buttonhole tassels, interlocked braid and threadworked buttons. Scissor keep, needle case, needlebook, stiletto sheath and pincushion
Handkerchief with pearled needlelace edging
Lace stomacher
Lace cuffs
Linen apron with handsewn insertions of lace and pleated top
Machine sewn cotton undercamicia
Machine sewn silk garters with handsewn applique of lace
Handsewn linen stockings with hand applied purchased lace and trim
Cutwork lachet shoes
Blockprinted machine sewn drawers with hand done eyelets
Suit of silk organza and lace shoulder and neck ruffs. Cartridge pleated into linen bands
Handsewn organza ruffled partlet with beading
Blockprinted and painted machine sewn soccaccia
Braided and beaded hairpieces


  1. Oh my goodness you are AMAZING! Head to toe, love love love!

  2. Thanks Angela. And thank you SO much for the all the inspiration assembled at your site.