Saturday, August 4, 2012

Drawnwork and pearls handkerchief

I wish I could say I did the drawnwork on this, but that was just shopping luck. I had the linen puchased and set aside to do a drawnwork handkerchief. I was going to do a braided interlace hem like the one I did for Maestra Seraphina's Laureling towel last year since it is my favorite stitch to do. Then I found this linen hankie on ebay for less that $5 (and that includes shipping.) I couldn't resist the blue since it is an exact match to the feathers of my fan. I did, however, do the pearl and needlelace edging. It was what I intended to do on the veil, but it just looked wrong. Obviously still needs some ironing and blocking, but one more detail is done.

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