Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby sottana

My poor children are garbless.  The twins have never really had much other than a tunic I tacked together the day before the event, neither has my 4 year old for that matter.  My 8 year old hasn't had something made for her in quite awhile either.  Guilt has set in.  The only issue is that the event I'm sewing for is in 12 days and I have to make a bunch of largess, sew pennants for my local group's new fighting eric, plan children's activities, and sew for 4 little ones in that span of time.  Not to mention the first day of school for my 3rd grader and kindy boy and a few dentist appointments and such thrown in.  So it should make the IRCC look like a cakewalk.

I cut out kirtles for the girls today and jerkins for the boys.  There isn't going to be a sleeve in sight.  The kids aren't used to wearing that much clothing since they haven't done very many garbed events in the summer and it has been around 100 degrees lately so I'm going with lightweight stuff that looks kinda sorta okay.

This is E's, my youngest, sottana.  I took a jumper that fit her and used it as the base pattern.  It'll have lacing rings on the side and I'll whipstitch the shoulder seams together.  Cartridge pleating this small of an amount of skirt should be a breeze.  The bodice is a linen outer, a layer of cotton duck and a linen lining so it has a bit of shape.  I figure with the side lacing and ability to extend the shoulder seam as well as a large hem to let down she should get considerable wear out of it. 

My iron finally officially died after being babied along for some time so I need to replace that, do some pressing, and then I can finish this up.  I can't believe how fast bag lining and sewing for someone this small made this go.  I guess I need to make the kids garb more often.

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  1. I am both inspired and overwhelmed by your awesomeness! :D