Thursday, August 2, 2012

Still working on the cappotto so here's a view of the veil

I'm in day two of the "I will finish this dang thing" push to finish up the Dutch cloak after spending an entire day looking for the frogs and buttons I'd made for it. Right now the lining is in the body, the picadils are attached to the sleeves, and I have the frogs and buttons and hand finishing done on one of the sleeves. I still need to do the handwork on the collar lining, finish the cuff on the lther sleeve and attach 12 more buttons and frog sets. Hoping to finish it today and then I'll just have the mask to finish for the "cold weather traveling look" of my outer layer.

In the mean time,I figured I'd show off my veil just for the purposes of documenting all the pieces. I've spent months looking for a white silk with a gold stripe for my veil. The one I found on ebay was sold out by the time I went to buy it, and everything else I found was synthetic and I just didn't like the feel of them.  I finally settled on this embroidered golden cream cotton. It has a lattice work on it rather than stripes and little eyelets where the squares meet. I cut a plain rectangular veil with dimensions of 60x72 inches. With the front folded back it hangs about fingertip length. I had planned to do a blue edging with pearl picots. I tried it and it just didn't look good. It may have been the thread, I'm not sure. It is a bamboo rayon selected for the fact that it was the best match for the silk trim on the dress. I tried two other edgings and nothing seemed to add to the veil. I finally just hemmed it and used the rayon as tassels in the four corners. Not the most exciting thing ever, but the tassels weight the veil and it looks great pinned into my hair, which is the point.

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