Saturday, July 7, 2012

Zibellino in blue

Another one of those instances where I really wish I could take a decent picture because this little boy is so much better looking in person. The blues are Swarovski crystals and the sparkle is pretty serious. He's a stone marten upcycled from a vintage stole and the fur is wonderfully soft. I did a beaded drop to attach to the girdle, but may have to attach him up at the waist since he's rather long. 

 I used Primo this time rather than regular Sculpy and I don't really like it. It is softer than Sculpy and I was fighting that. The ears kept drooping and the clay kept mashing on to the tin foil form I was using to support the head shape. I ended up having to remove it in bits after the head was baked instead of it just providing support and being easily removed.e

I had planned to do 2 matching heads in order to make a piece to be worn at the neck, but after I got the first one sculpted I decided I didn't want to try to make a second to match. I still to try that type down the road, but the right design idea hasn't hit me. I've got quite a few more stone marten, however, if inspiration does set in at some point soon.

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