Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bodice patterned and mocked up

I've been moving slowly with the cappotto, trying to finish my outer layer before I started on the dress. I feel so far behind everyone else right at this minute after seeing that several people have finished their dresses already, however, so panic has set in.  I'm hoping if I get at least the bodice done my dread will calm down and I'll stop freaking out about the deadline. I swear it feels like I've got nothing accomplished. I better switch in to high gear, I guess.

In between festivities and taking the kids places for the 4th, I patterned the bodice. It's my first time patterning something worn over a corset by myself and getting in and out of the corset to try on the pattern is a total pain. I'm pretty pleased with the result though-- even if the mockup is made from the ugliest fabric ever. It's a vintage 1970's canvas. I got a 3 yard piece for a dollar a few years ago and I honestly cannot give a good reason for why I bought it or why it is still in my stash.  But hey, it matches the rest of the project-- technically. It might even find its way in as interlining. Just as soon as I decide how many bones I want in the dress.

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