Monday, July 30, 2012

Much gaudier gauds

Can I just say that this is a huge improvement on my past rosary attempts?  My first one made of rose petals was very sentimental with the roses and help from my children making the beads, but was not very authentic.The gauds were far too small and the beads made of rose petals not remotely documentable.  The second gold one was reasonably close to some of the extant types, but even with loads of gold beads it just didn't have any oomph. I'm super happy with the new one, and I think it has something to do with the extreme contrast between the jasper ave beads and the big goldtone gauds.  Because of the late date of the dress, it comes after a papal bull issued by Pope Pius V, Consueverunt Romani Pontificies.  Issued in September of 1569, the bull standardizes the use of the rosary to the 15 decade Dominican version.  The 5 decade rosary with the 3 antiphone beads in the dangle became the norm for rosaries that weren't used by the clergy.  I loosely based mine on an emerald rosary in Munich dated 1600 featured on Chris Laning's  Paternoster blog. Her supposition is that it is Spanish because of the materials. I wanted to try the cross made of beads, but couldn't get a bead to drill cleanly to make the center so I settled for a tassel instead. And yes, I do realize that this ensemble has bunches and bunches of tassels.  What can I say? I like them.

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