Monday, July 30, 2012


Not very exciting, but this is the picture to prove I made it because, unlike Oonagh in her discussion of "The Elusive Smock," I won't be wearing this by itself for pictures. I wanted to try the bodies both under and over the camicia to see where I stand on the various theories regarding the Venetian V bodice. I've got the stomacher, a boned bodice that can be worn without bodies if necessary, a pair of heavily boned bodies, and the camicia, so this is the sleeveless under camicia or smock to give me the full gamut of possibilities.  While it does have a bit of lace for straps and across the top, I also thought it would make a reasonable intima for wearing as an underlayer with my Roman in the super heat of the summer since it won't be visible. It's just a couple of rectangles with triangular gores in need of an iron, but it exists and I'm sure I'll get a great deal of functional use out of it.

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