Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Girdle is done

Jewelry always looks so much better in person than in my pictures. I should have taken some close ups. This girdle belt  is made of glass pearls, textured goldtone chandelier findings with amber crystals, and blue glass beads with gilding. One thing it doesn't have is a jumpring. They are my nemesis. I can never keep the things closed, even when I solder them. I've spent more time maintaining my last two girdles than wearing them. Except the pearl one. That one has stayed together wonderfully since it is entirely strung on wire.  This one is a combination of wire lengths and head pins. I'm hoping it will stay in one piece.

There's a frame on the end that I hope to eventually put a miniature of my husband in.  Just as soon as I get around to painting it.

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