Saturday, July 28, 2012

Maybe they're pianelles?

I have hearts on my toes!

There are a few things I can already tell I want to fix in the next incarnation, but they fit and they're fun. A little wider that I would prefer,the lining didn't work, and the openings are a little bit lower on my (total lack of) arch than they could be, but on the whole I'm happy for a first try. You can't really see the smaller cuts, but the center is actually an angular heart pattern taken from Ostaus' Perfection in Design. The vinyl just doesn't want to play nice. I'm sure it will look much cleared in leather. On the plus side the issues with the cuts and pinks spreading I was worried about don't seem to really be an issue, which makes me think the weight of leather I used for my previous pairs of slippers has been too light. I'm also considering a weld so the edge turns better. It would bring me closer to real turnshoe construction. I'm hoping to eventually step up to lasted type construction, when I've got a bit of cash to throw at it,  but that will be awhile. For now I'm moderately happy with making soft slippers to match my different gowns.

I put some scrap linen in to the shoes to take a picture and it convinced me the plain white stockings I had cut will have to wait while I make some light orange ones. Much more exciting. They should also work with both my blue drawers and the red and orange petticoat and tie all my color whimsy together.

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