Friday, September 23, 2011

Down to 100 days

And I'm really making little to no progress. I spent yesterday making trim for a completely different dress. I now have 40 yard of interlooped braid in purple, orange, and yellow for my Purple Elizabethan doublet. Which is awesome, but it doesn't get me any closer to the Lotto dress being done. So, today I'm winding more yarn for the hat. Tying bows too. I'm going to aim to have it finished some time tomorrow. Then I need to sew the new plain camisia. If I can get that done by Sunday night I'll feel better. Also, I need to dig out the sewing room and find the camera since posting pictures is rather motivational for me. Sunday is the gem faire as well and I'll either pick up pearls for the mantellino or use the ones I've got.

The aim for next week is the mantellino complete, the camisia made, the hat done, and the interior of the bodice boned. I went ahead and bought some heavier hemp since the multi-strand thing I was doing just wasn't happening.

Putting on Doctor Who, and settling in for a few hours of wrapping and baking yarn ringlets.

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