Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The camera is around here somewhere. . .

Not too much progress to take pictures of though. I'm taking the week to deep clean my house so I actually have space to work. Today involved exciting things like bleaching the grubby fingerprints off of doors, cleaning the blinds and scrubbing my staircase bannisters. I guess its motivational though. Makes me really want to sew.

I got a good portion of the lining of the mantellino attached while at Harvest War over the weekend. I think I did the cutwork a little close to the edge though because it doesn't lay as flat as I'd like. I'm going to add a few pearls (which was part of the original idea anyway) and tacking them into place should make everything sit a little better. I have some pearls but am not certain they're quite what I want to use. I'm planning a trip to the Gem Faire this weekend since its in town and am hoping to find something more suitable. On the whole, I'm happy with how the project is going and its a nice learning experience. Working in the smaller scale is helping me work out stuff for the silk caftan lined in fur that I eventually want to make.

I'm considering working on the hat tomorrow once I put in my time cleaning. Guess I'll see how the day goes,

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