Friday, September 30, 2011

Getting ready to start the mini-challenge

I spent most of today running payday errands, but driving around gave me time to think about my book. I had planned to concentrate just on the binding, but I got some fun ideas. I've been thinking about maybe writing some poetry in Italian forms and putting those into the the book. The other idea I had was to use the structure behind a MS in the National Library of Dublin. Its German, called "Von Wundersamen Begebenheiten" or "Of Wondrous Occurrences." It's 37 miniatures with basically captions. They're sort of like emblems. They're various mythic, magical sorts of things. The one above is the idea that lions have to roar at their cubs to bring them to life. There are also things like Circe turning men into pigs, phoenixes rising from the ashes, and virgins carrying water in a sieve. The point of the MS is that wonderful things happen so of course Mary could give birth to Christ as a virgin. I think I would want to be less specific and just focus on the magic that is in my and my children's lives. It just seems right for a project that will finish up on Halloween (which is also my anniversary.)

Going to let it brew in the back of my brain for awhile. It might be possible to combine the two ideas.

I did go look at paper stocks. I was considering a cotton rag paper since linen rag isn't exactly easy to get. Budget is an issue though, since this isn't supposed to be a giant project (despite that it gets bigger every time i think about it) and its a practice project since its a first try. Therefore, I went cheap and just picked up some 90 lb cold pressed watercolor paper. Lightweight and easy to fold, it should at least be fun to play with. Guess we'll see how it goes tomorrow. Assuming I make a decision.

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  1. I think that's a great idea for the book. It's a fun way to involve your kiddos, too! So nifty.