Friday, September 9, 2011

Change of plans

I've been staring at some of the bits and pieces I have for the Russian dress for the Artemisian Costuming Challenge and am worried.  My plan for the gown involved this linen brocade.  I planned to attach the enamel peacocks and the bronze and black glass diamonds and then surround them in pearls.  They'd be outlined in bel (a couched cotton cord) and then have pearls couched on top of that and then a gold cord couched around that.  I also want to couch gold around the pattern in the brocade.  Ummmm.  Somehow I doubt that that is getting done by New Year's Eve.  I could simplify it or not do it, but I REALLY want it that way with the totally encrusted dress.  So, new plan.

I'm sick this week and the Lotto gown isn't going as fast as I'd like, but I like how its coming along and want to have the dress.  I already have all the undergarments and accessories for an Italian gown and they have been made within the parameters of the ACC.  I'm going to change from the Russian and do the Lotto gown as my ACC entry.  If I have time I'll actually get around to embroidering the drawers I planned for the IRCC and didn't do, and I want a new pair of stockings and new slippers.  Maybe I'll even get the gloves I started done.

I'm going to continue working on the Russian with the intention to have it done by May Kingdom Arts and Sciences.  The research I have for this gown is some of the best available for Rus (which isn't saying much, but I've tried) and I think I can justify my choices when I deviate.  That gives me more time, but still gives me a deadline.  It also lets me out of the budget constraints of the ACC so I can buy more pearls.  Happily enough, the Lotto is going to be made from stash so it works nicely with the $100 budget of the ACC.  Win, win all around I think.   


  1. *claps*
    Tell the truth, don't you feel better about the decision now?

  2. Yeah. I think this is doable. I really would like some Russian done though. I somehow feel like I have to apologize for wearing Italian :p