Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birthday presents

My friend Owen (the Evil) shares a birthday with me and I decided he needed a new outfit as a present.  That would have been fine if I had made this decision some time before dinner last night.  If I'd made the decision earlier in the day or even, as crazy as it sounds, sometime a few days before I could have done silly things like buy fabric and get measurements.  He normally wears, well, black,  Occasionally red, but usually black.  The only black linen I have in my stash has embroidered black polka dots on it so I went with a khaki.  Mostly I figure this is more of a sort of "gift certificate" where he can try it on for size and know that there's one coming that might suit better.  I am pretty happy with the tunic for itself, even if its not the best gift for the intended individual.

I played around with butted seams, hemming each piece separately in a red thread for contrast and then butting them together and using the honeycomb stitch on my machine (again in red) to attach the pieces together as well as do a decorative seam treatment.  I think it looks pretty cool with the honeycomb between two lines.  It also made me giggle a bit since Owen is a meadmaker. Mead=honey=bees.  I want to do a really nice felt applique of "evil bees" on his actual tunic.  Just as soon as I figure out what makes bees look evil.  Twirly moustaches and arching eyebrows were suggested by FIA, but I'm not sure how easy that is to applique.  Maybe I'll do beads for glowing red eyes. 

I've been doing the A&S50 and one of my challenges is 50 favors and tokens.  Several of them have been birthday presents, so here's one more to add to my list.

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